Fall Farmhouse Collection

Oh the fall... 

What a perfect time of year...

I know some of us (myself included) dread the end of summer... but then that sweet, something-else smell hits the air and there may even be a little respite from the heat... and you think... Ah, fall is on the way! 


My latest Fall Farmhouse Collection celebrates all of those wonderful aspects of fall and the provincial life that we love... leaves changing, warm, husky colors, textures of times gone by, the vintage treasures we hold on to as the years roll on. While I have a passion for painting with the bold and bright colors across the spectrum, I also truly love the softness and suggestion of neutrals, whites, and simpler colors; and I think this collection of artwork reveals that. 


We feel those memories and celebrate with loved ones around these special fall days. A time of comfort, celebration, and even new beginnings while natures sings her glorious finale and slowly succumbs to winter.


So have a sip of your PSL, curl up, and enjoy the days ahead... I hope you enjoy my fall farmhouse collection too!